Health Faucets- Functionality Meets Performance

In order to maintain hygiene in your bathroom, bathroom health faucets, also known as jet spray faucets, are very important. It’s a device with a nozzle that releases a good flow of water. They elevate the look & hygiene quotient of your bathroom. They are easy to clean and make maintaining hygiene easier.

An 18-inch standard height should be maintained for health faucets and jet sprays.

While using handheld spray the water pressure can be controlled by the user. Whereas for butterfly jet spray, when the faucet is turned on, water flows with high pressure/ force. Because of water pressure, water splashes on the toilet seat and sometimes outside too.

If you want to increase pressure, you can try cleaning the aerator, rinsing the filter, or flushing the water supply lines. You can also fine-tune the shut-off valves to increase and decrease pressure. When you’re finished, your faucet should run like new!

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