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When choosing a kitchen faucet, you should consider its ability to function well. There are varieties of faucets that might not be suitable for your kitchen. It is important to find out their features such as how they work in terms of flow rate or water pressure.

Kitchen faucets are most reliable when they have a higher water pressure. A water pressure of 1.5 GPM makes the most dependable kitchen faucet.

Kitchen faucets are installed in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Depending on their speed and spray pattern, faucets can be classified into five main categories: 

  1. Spray
  2.  Pulse
  3. oscillating
  4. regular stream
  5. touchless

Each type offers its own advantages and drawbacks.

The kitchen faucet provides a clean, reliable way to take out hot and cold water. The faucet uses a lever mechanism, or butterfly valve, unlike some that use a handle to raise or lower the water lever. This valve can be activated by pushing down on the spout of a lever-type faucet with your right hand and pulling back on the faucet handle with your left hand; or by pulling directly downward on either side of the spout. By adjusting the height at which you pull down on either side of the spout, you’ll be able to control how much water flows out of your spout at various points along its length.

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