Wall Mixer

There are several advantages of using a wall mixer in your bathroom. One of the main advantages is that it frees up space on the sink or countertop, which is particularly useful in smaller bathrooms. Wall mixers also offer more flexibility in terms of shower height and angle, as they can be mounted at a variety of different heights and angles to suit your preference.

It is possible to install a wall mixer yourself if you have basic plumbing skills and the necessary tools. However, it is always recommended to hire a professional plumber to ensure the installation is done correctly and safely.

To maintain a wall mixer, it is important to regularly clean it to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. You can do this by using a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap or cleaner. It is also recommended to replace the seals and washers on a regular basis to ensure a tight seal and prevent leaks.

There are several types of wall mixers available, including single-handle mixers, dual-handle mixers, and thermostatic mixers. Single-handle mixers have one handle that controls both the water temperature and flow, while dual-handle mixers have separate handles for temperature and flow. Thermostatic mixers automatically maintain a consistent water temperature, regardless of changes in water pressure or flow.

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